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Can You Survive A Plane Accident?

Plane accidents aren’t that common, but when they occur, they usually kill everybody on board. Nonetheless, there have been a few cases of place crash survivors. These people needed to put themselves together and seek for help. This isn’t easy when you are injured and shocked, so they all had to be very strong to make things happen and to stay alive despite the adverse conditions.

Sometimes, TV producers make films featuring these people. It is very interesting to watch these movies, as they delve into the minds of plane passengers just before the accident. They all share similar things, thoughts about the terror and the frightening situations, tears and a huge fear. It’s not easy to be on a crashing plane. Many of them say they shouldn’t have been alive at all, so they consider their survival a miracle.

Miracle or not, there are very slight odds to survive a plane accident. These chances may depend on the crash site. If the plane falls between trees, you may have more chances to live. If it crashes in the ocean, chances to avoid death are next to none. The impact with the water is so strong, that it shatters everything and spreads the tiny pieces of the broken aircraft on a huge surface. This is why finding evidence in such cases is so difficult. Some of these planes are never found, so nobody can tell for sure what has been the cause of the crash and what happened just seconds before the terrifying moment of the impact.

Anyway, there’s no reason to fear flying, because it seems that the risk of getting involved in a car accident is much higher than the one of a flight going wrong. If you don’t believe it, you can try to find some statistics, and you’ll see there’s nothing to fear about taking a flight.